Swimming Pool - Market Drayton Swimming and Fitness Centre


Active sessions are for those looking to use swimming for exercise purposes, or to improve fitness levels. Active sessions permit the use of training aids and equipment for the more serious swimmer.


Social sessions are for those looking to get enjoyment out of swimming. These sessions enable you to swim with others of similar ability and are a great way to meet like-minded swimmers.


Wellbeing sessions are for those looking to use swimming to improve overall health, fitness and wellbeing. A great way to exercise, tone and relieve stress.


Family sessions have been specifically designed for those with children.  The Family sessions offer a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for young and old alike - the perfect family day out.


Our fun sessions are perfect for children and teenagers, offering a lively, energetic and exciting atmosphere - the perfect pool party!

Male swimmer
Child in pool
Senior male in pool
Child in rubber ring
Aqua class

Swimming Pool

Swimming is the ideal leisure activity for all ages. It is a great fun way for children to keep active whilst adults can benefit from enhanced stamina, increased strength and improved muscle tone.

The varied swimming pool programme ensures there are sessions to suit the whole family. The keen swimmer can choose to swim lengths or widths  whilst swimming lessons and fun sessions are available for children. General swimming sessions are suitable for all and for the fitness enthusiast water workouts are also available.  

Use the session descriptions in the right hand column to find the perfect session for you.





Wave Rave

Come and join the Party every Wednesday at Market Drayton Swimming and Fitness Centre with our Wave Rave.

A special session ideal for those aged 8-15 and families where we add some serious sounds, games, inflatables and party the night away!




Swimming Pool Etiquette

  • Shower before entering the pool
  • Babies must wear swim nappies
  • Swim within your ability – use equipment and buoyancy aids if required
  • Do not swim if feeling unwell
  • Inform a lifeguard if you have any medical conditions
  • Look out for yourself and others while in the pool
  • Be aware of danger - sudden pool depths or slippery surfaces
  • Listen out for the emergency alarms or lifeguard instructions