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Customer Update: The Quarry Pool Closure, and Re-opening


We’re re-opening The Quarry Pool on Saturday 24th February.

As a valid customer we’d like to give you a better explanation of what we’ve been doing, and why;

Why did the pool close?

A glass panel at the side of the pool shattered and glass went into the water. Rather than just fishing this out we decided to close the pool to enable us to drain, and then clean it thoroughly, to ensure the future safety of all guests.

Why did that take so long?

With the pool shut we took the opportunity to carry out other inspections and discovered further areas that needed attention.

We then carried out the following works to improve the facility, further ensure the safety of all our guests, and make it a better experience for all;

The sand in the water filters in the pool filtration system has been replaced. This further ensured no glass remained in the system.

Due to leaks in two separate areas we upgraded pipework. Then thoroughly flushed them, and changed two damaged valves. This was done to ensure efficient working of the pool plant equipment.

The heating valve for the pool has also been changed, to give us better pool temperature control. And, a thorough deep clean of the pool area and tiles has been done throughout.


With the pool empty and the area accessible, we asked a structural engineer to assess the three-meter diving board.

Following recommendations, we carried out steel fabrication and welding work to reinforce damaged areas.

We’ve then painted the diving board structure and hand rails.

We’re now pleased to announce that that diving board will re-open on Saturday 24th February too.


What about the glass breaking again?

We’ve added a special safety film to the glass panels, to prevent glass entering the pool, should any future unfortunate incidents happen.


What next?

By way of an apology for the loss of your pool for the last two months;

Direct Debit members will receive 2 months payment freeze on their membership for March and April.

Advanced members will receive a 2 month extension to their contracts meaning they will not need to renew until month 14 of their membership

When will you re-open?

The pool is currently being re-filled. As you can imagine there’s a big space to fill! We aim to have this done by Thursday 22rd February.

We will then do further water quality checks on Friday 23rd February.

We’re then looking to re-open the pool at 8am, then the diving and pool facilities from 10am, on Saturday 24th February.

During the week of the 19th February, Swimming Members will continue to have complimentary access to the gym facilities during the pool closure.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

The Team at The Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre

Tel: 0345 0007 003


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