Swimming pool remaining closed

Sep 18, 2020 |


Shropshire Community Leisure Trust has announced that due to the layout of the centre, it will not be reopening Whitchurch Swimming Pool until social distancing guidelines for indoor sports facilities related to COVID-19 are eased.


Chris Stanbrook, Contract Manager for the Trust said:

“Following extensive investigations into the feasibility of reopening Whitchurch Swimming Pool and with the safety of our customers and employees at the forefront of our thinking, we have decided it is not possible for us to reopen the centre at this point in time.

“Due to the layout of the building, we have identified that it would be impossible to enforce the required social distancing regulations, as laid down by the Government for indoor sports facilities. The size and layout of the centre does not permit suitable one-way systems and does not allow customers to maintain 2 metre distancing in key parts of the building, including the reception, corridor, and spectator areas.

“Additionally, the changing rooms at the centre are only permitted to hold a maximum of four people, which does not allow us to introduce adequate people flow systems, preventing us from providing a COVID-safe changing environment for customers.

“We realise the centre not reopening at this point will be disappointing news to many local people, but until social distancing is removed, the pool will remain closed. When the Government removes the requirement for indoor sports facilities to enforce social distancing, we will be looking to reopen the facility.”


Lezley Picton, Shropshire Council Cabinet member for culture, leisure, waste and communications, said:

“We fully appreciate that the prolonged closure of the swimming pool in Whitchurch is frustrating for local residents, and it’s not a decision that has been taken lightly. We hope you’ll agree that the safety of staff, visitors and local residents has to be the top priority.

“Once Government guidelines on social distancing are eased, we will be able to revisit reopening the facility.”