Helping you rebuild after Covid

Aug 11, 2021 | Blog

Recovering from COVID or long-COVID? Are you still struggling with tiredness or breathlessness? Maybe you’re worried about hitting your previous goals or looking to take your first steps into exercise? Find out more about how our fitness team can help support your recovery, your return to exercise or your first steps into fitness.

What is COVID-rehabilitation training? 

Some of our fitness instructors have undertaken an intensive COVID-rehabilitation certification, which is specialist training for fitness instructors to enable them to support people recovering from COVID or who are looking to return to exercise. 

What different programmes are there? 

There are three different programmes that we can support you through: 

REBUILD – For those who have been affected by COVID and need further support and guidance. 

REBOUND – For those who would like to see fast results and support for returning to exercise, making up for time lost while fitness facilities were closed. 

FORTITUDE – Supporting those who are new to exercise, however, have realised the benefits of exercise to health and fitness following COVID. 

How can COVID-rehabilitation help me? 

Those recovering from COVID can have problems with tiredness and breathlessness, amongst other issues, and your exercise programme will need to take this into account to help build up your basic strength and fitness again.  

In turn, we hope to help you better cope with the demands of daily life, which we know can be difficult following COVID, whether it is going for a walk with family, being able to do the shopping again or having the energy to return to work. 

We will use fitness tests to assess your abilities and progress, to see how much you can cope with, as well as how much rest you need between exercise. 

Who can get support? 

If you feel any of the above programmes can support you, these are open to anyone, whether you have Long COVID and/or other health issues, or if you have recovered from COVID, but need support from a qualified member of our team. 

We also know many people are worried about the amount of fitness lost through gym closures, and so we are here to help you get back to your previous fitness step by step, whether you suffered from COVID or not, as well as those who are new to fitness and are looking to take your first steps into exercise. 

If you are a member, simply speak to reception or a member of our fitness team today, or if you are looking to become a member, please visit our membership page to find a membership to suit you. 


You must follow all government guidelines for self-isolation and must not have symptoms of COVID before visiting us. Please speak to your doctor before embarking on any new fitness programme.